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The Holbrook Sound Project: 
Exploring the changing sounds of village life 

I am exploring how the soundscape of the village of Holbrook has changed over the last 100 years, and I need your help with my research!

There are lots of wonderful old pictures of Holbrook that give a glimpse into the daily life of the village throughout the last century, but I am equally fascinated by what the village sounded like.


This interest  in the sounds of the village started after reading the ‘Sounds and Noisechapter in the brilliant ‘Holbrook, The Story of a Village 1900-1983’ by local author Warrenton Page. Warrenton described a rich tapestry of working noises and sounds that drifted over the landscape; most, if not all, of these sounds are no longer heard by us.


I recently secured some funding from Arts Council England to research what these old sounds of the village were, to explore how and why the sounds of the village have changed over the last century and to record what sounds we hear in Holbrook today.


I will be out and about with my microphones recording around the village between January and August 2024, and hope to hold some community events such as a soundwalk and a music making session. I also need residents to help with the research and to share their thoughts on the daily sounds we hear in the village.

How you can get involved

I am very keen to hear about what sounds and noises you associate with Holbrook.

Matt Shenton

[These field recordings were recorded to showcase the natural sounds heard in a rural setting. They feature no human voices. No monies will be made from their recording. Please contact me if you have any concerns]

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