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  • Matthew Shenton

Listening to the Landscape 14 - holy bees

Updated: 21 hours ago

Tucked away at the edge of the churchyard (behind a formidable growth of nettles and centuries old gravestones) are a number of bee hives.

These hives were silent when I first saw them back in January, but on this sunny day in June they were alive with the coming and going of bees. I was careful not to disturb their work as I set up my equipment, and spent ten minutes watching them fly off across the fields (almost always in an easterly direction).

Also present in the recording is a police helicopter flying over, the usual aircraft coming and going from Luton and Stanstead and a rather vocal pigeon. It was great to capture the buzzing and droning, and lovely to see that someone unknown is helping the local pollinators.


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